A journey down Timber River – It’s a hogs life.

This week I decided to act on a whim and just find a “good looking” location for Kayaking in Central Texas.  As any native Texan knows, a “river” might only be one for a couple of months (or even a few days) out of the year.  I found a great little put-in called Little Webberville Park in Webberville, TX.

You are quickly greeted with high limestone bluffs, rugged shelves and boulders, giant bald cypress, pecan, cottonwood, oak, elm, and palmetto trees, and wide variety of shrubs and vines lining the river.  These provide diverse habitat for deer, armadillos, raccoons, foxes, and squirrels.

GreenTreeFrog03WebThis river remains about 20 yards wide throughout, but it has many really amazing small side tributaries and coves which are littered with amazing bogs of water lilies.  Just about every 20 yards or so, I would come across another blue or white heron feeding on the banks.  GreenTreeFrog04WebThey were quite timid only allowing you to get within about 100 yards of them before taking flight.  I would highly recommend a 300mm for this trip for some amazing aviary photography.  The river is very calm and shooting handheld 300mm would be very easy.

Ask dusk settled and I found the light quickly fading, I see the bushes and brush start moving back and forth on the shoreline.  Normally, not a lot phases me when kayaking, whether it be a spider that happens on my boat, or a snake I happen to find myself drifting under as it sits in an overhanding tree.  This time, I was thankful there was 15 feet between me and the shoreline.  To my surprise, out saunters what I would guess to be 400 pounds of wild hog and her little hog babies.  HerWildHogWeb photograph does not convey the size and intimidation factor of this animal.  I had no doubt in my mind, had I been hiking through the brush and stumbled upon her with her babies, she might have made quite a mess of me.  When she noticed me noticing her, her hackles went up (like a dog about to fight) and then she decided it was best to make her way back into the brush.

As the sun sets, I witness a flock of heron cruising across the sunset.  Truly a beautiful journey on a section of river which is stocked full of energy and life.  I will be visiting this location again very soon and am excited for what adventures lay ahead here.

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